MTRX K1: a Revolutionary Health Scanning Technology

Posted by Julien Converset on 9/28/21 11:37 AM

During HIMMS21 in Las Vegas, we were introduced to new healthcare technologies that will revolutionize the way we deliver care. is a technology company founded by Dr. Andrew Huff and Brock Arnold in 2016. Their mission is to protect the health of organizations, employees and customers through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The Future of Health Monitoring

MTRX aims to make health monitoring a part of our everyday life with their non-invasive and highly accurate technology. Their K1 scanner uses the world’s most advanced sensors to measure a person’s temperature, breathing and heart rhythm. The device is able to analyze more than 4 million physiologic measurements to gauge a person’s overall health.

COVID Screening Made Easy

The MTRX K1 scanner is solving a big challenge in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. In a time where everyone is hesitant to return to the office, and vaccine and testing mandates are still controversial in the workplace, this touchless, industrial grade testing technology could very well make an impact. The scanner is able to analyze heart and respiration rhythms within seconds, making it more accurate than just testing for temperature alone (less than 40% of COVID cases have a fever). 

Changing the Health Treatment Paradigm

MTRX wants to completely change the way we approach health by way of better, everyday monitoring. Instead of going to see your healthcare provider when you get sick, and then running a series of tests to evaluate your overall health, MTRX wants to make the process more efficient by routinely measuring a person’s physiology and notifying them if something is wrong before they feel sick. Catching the illness early offers a better way to treat the patient, thus providing a better outcome and can potentially reduce healthcare costs through better prevention and regular health screenings. 


Technology is rapidly changing the way we deliver care as new advanced devices enter the market every year. Does your organization have the infrastructure in place to accommodate this type of revolutionary technology to its best capability without compromising your entire network? Call Clinical Mobility today at (925) 871-2704 for a better, more customized approach to wireless engineering. 

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