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How to Build a Reliable and Adaptable Healthcare Wireless Network in 2022

The COVID-19 global epidemic has fast-tracked the already happening tech revolution of our times. Unsurprisingly, the...

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Why Healthcare Delivery Organizations Benefit From Wireless Technology

Wireless technology has transformed the healthcare industry and patient care delivery. Here’s a look into why HDO’s and...

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4 Tips for Reducing Risk of a Data Breach For Healthcare Organizations

The technology advancement of recent years has opened up the business world to endless opportunities and is bound to...

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The State of Healthcare 2021: Current Trends and Future Challenges

Recent events have marked the beginning of a new era of business. To help shed a light on the current state of the...

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The Future of Healthcare Technology - A Digital Transformation

The past two years have been a time like no other. Among the widespread COVID-19 lockdowns and health & safety measures...

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WiFi6E: What is it? When is it coming?

Among the hottest topics of this year’s HIMMS edition, we certainly found WiFi6E. This is because, as wireless...

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MTRX K1: a Revolutionary Health Scanning Technology

During HIMMS21 in Las Vegas, we were introduced to new healthcare technologies that will revolutionize the way we...

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Rethinking Cybersecurity for Healthcare in the New Normal

It is no secret that the Covid-19 global epidemic has further aggravated the security crisis in the healthcare sector....

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