WiFi6E: What is it? When is it coming?

Posted by Julien Converset on 10/5/21 8:30 AM

Among the hottest topics of this year’s HIMMS edition, we certainly found WiFi6E. This is because, as wireless technology continues to shape the healthcare sector, it is important to remain on the lookout for newer and better resources. 


Nowadays, it is not uncommon for healthcare facilities to have most if not all of their equipment and staff connected to a network. Around the world, WiFi is the go-to tool to keep patient records, carry out real-time monitoring, managing medication schedules, and tracking personnel and medical equipment. 


Whilst it comes with unprecedented benefits, deploying wireless resources to deliver care can also place a business in a vulnerable position. Particularly, net reliability has become paramount to the correct functioning of healthcare organizations. This is where WiFi6E can help.



What is WiFi6e?


Premiered by WiFi Alliance, WiFi6E is the newest standard for Wi-Fi6 extensions. Taking into account both the advantages and disadvantages of traditional wireless technology, this brand new extension is tailored to those businesses requiring the highest levels of performance.


Among the many advantages of WiFi6E, we find a broader frequency spectrum - 59 channels vs the previous 25. The extension also helps solve the problem of backward limit compatibility - which affects the speed of newer devices - all the while allowing three times more radio spectrum with uniform power and improved interference coordination. This, in turn, results in the possibility to connect more devices to the same network at any given time.


How can WiFi6E Help Healthcare?


We already mentioned that - despite its enormous benefits - traditional WiFi also comes with a few limitations. A common problem is working out the complex balances between roaming and latency issues can at times be a challenging task. Furthermore, with reliability becoming more crucial every day, relying on just any vendor can be a dangerous practice. In fact, we could go as far as saying that WiFi implementation and engineering can make or break network functionality. For this reason, it is important to only trust vendors with a proven success record.




Released throughout 2020, Wifi6E is now here to help the healthcare sector to overcome traditional WiFi limitations. Beside offering a more affordable alternative to CBRS and 5G technologies, WiFi6E ensures even higher reliability, functionality, and ease of use for all aspects of healthcare, from telemedicine and imaging to patient monitoring and remote video surgery. It is safe to say that WiFi6E will be a huge part of the future of wireless for delivery healthcare organizations.


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