Why Healthcare Delivery Organizations Benefit From Wireless Technology

Posted by Julien Converset on 11/9/21 8:20 AM

Wireless technology has transformed the healthcare industry and patient care delivery. Here’s a look into why HDO’s and healthcare providers should use wireless technology in 2022. 

More Money in Their Pockets

The cost of wireless, portable devices such as tablets is generally lower than the cost of purchasing and maintaining desktop computers. Wireless technology also enables providers to chart and collect payment information directly at the patient’s bedside, thus saving time and improving the efficiency of the process. 

Reliability, Accuracy & Mobility

Collecting data on the spot, at the bedside is infinitely more reliable and accurate, saving lots of time and preventing critical errors. Signing documents electronically and adding them directly to the patient’s medical record is also more efficient and reduces the chance of omitting and misplacing documents. Wireless technology enables clinical mobility when a patient needs to travel away from their unit, the clinician can accompany them and collect relevant information on the spot while moving freely around the facility.  

Real Time Data Access

Wireless healthcare technology helps improve patient care in many different ways. Home monitoring devices such as heart rhythm monitors, blood pressure monitors or blood sugar meters are now able to send data wirelessly to their medical records and allow their physician to review the data in real time. 

Data Sharing & Security

Cybersecurity is a hot topic in 2021. Wireless use in home care allows patients to access their own medical records, bills, lab and test results securely through an online portal accessible from their computers and mobile devices. Online data sharing reduces printing unnecessary paper, and enables patients to communicate directly with their providers without having to call the office. 

Find the Right Partner to Improve Your Wireless Technology

If you’re looking to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your healthcare delivery organization, finding the right technology partner is crucial. 

A well-designed architecture for wireless network devices will yield maximum reliability. Stop reacting and transform your wireless program into a strategic asset for achieving business goals and enhancing patient services. With a thoughtful plan for testing, updating, replacing, and purchasing wireless technology, your organization will spend less, reduce waste, and reap more value from your wireless investments.

Clinical Mobility is your team of experts in medical-grade wireless devices and networks for healthcare delivery organizations. Our services will improve the reliability and value of your wireless network. You can rely on our independent, objective counsel because we do not sell or re-sell any wireless technology. Our vendor-neutral services are designed exclusively to help you align your wireless investments with your business requirements and goals.

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