Rethinking Cybersecurity for Healthcare in the New Normal

Posted by Julien Converset on 9/20/21 9:58 AM

It is no secret that the Covid-19 global epidemic has further aggravated the security crisis in the healthcare sector. As bad actors become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks, organizations don’t always dispose of adequate levels of encryption and a sound cybersecurity policy. Furthermore, medical devices and equipment often rely on outdated IoT or IoMT technologies that remain vulnerable to threats.

In fact, data shows that the damage caused by data infringements amounted to over $7 million in 2020, whilst almost 70% of healthcare breaches in the same year were a direct consequence of IT incidents and cyber-attacks.

More often than not, the reason why healthcare delivery organizations fail to meet the highest possible cybersecurity standards is that they employ general security tools that don’t always respond to industry-specific challenges. 

Luckily, solutions such as Asimily can help. Designed keeping the healthcare industry in mind, Asimily solutions are able to identify and mitigate risk whilst also reducing patching costs.

Asimily’s comprehensive POC for Medical devices and IoT Security tool​s include:


Automated inventory of wired and wireless medical devices 


Itemizing all devices within a network helps enrich the data in NAC platforms (Extreme Control and Cisco ISE) to include device serial numbers, firmware versions, underlying OS, etc.​


Thorough identification of device vulnerability and risk assessment


Through in-depth analysis of medical devices, it is possible to identify their vulnerability, organize them by urgency, and assign a risk score that centers around patient safety.


Efficient blocking/quarantine of suspicious devices


The solution employs NAC/Firewalls to block or quarantine those devices exhibiting anomalous behavior or IOCs.​


Direct link with NIST Cybersecurity Framework


The medical device/IoT security tool aligns directly with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and syncs any relevant FDA recalls as well as MDS2 documentation, providing actionable insight into threat prevention.

The digital acceleration of our times has made the healthcare industry even more vulnerable to threats that can not only impact an organization’s ROI but also risk human lives. For this reason, it is paramount to only rely on security solutions tailored to the ever-specific industry needs.

If you'd like to discuss a tailored solution to your wireless needs, contact Clinical Mobility now.

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